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We’ve all watched the many television programmes that aim to advise on ‘How To Sell your House’.

Simply the house needs to be appealing to a potential buyer to put it in the running.

  • Make sure that the house looks like it did when the photos were taken, as this is what usually attracted the buyer in the first place. So declutter and tidy up!
  • Kerb appeal – first impressions when people pull up in front of your property. You would be amazed to learn that some people never go further than this and cancel the viewing. Ensure gardens  and any hedges or fences  are looking good and clear any litter.
  • Once inside the property ensure that your pets are ideally away at friends or family. Ensure there are no lingering ‘doggy smells’ or ‘cheesy feet smells’ all these are off putting to a potential buyer and lead to negative rather than a positive thought about your house.
  • Inside you property the key points are to show off the property  to the best of your ability so a 4 bedroom house needs to look like it has 4 bedrooms, no junk rooms filled with clutter!
  • When the buyer leaves and after a day were they have sometimes viewed several properties merge make yours the one that stands out so that they would describe it in a positive way like ‘wasn’t that the house with the lovely vase of flowers on the table’

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